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Windshield Repair

Over the past decade, automotive manufacturers have invested millions of dollars into drastic improvements in vehicle safety. Wrecks that just two decades ago would have seen certain fatalities, are now more survivable. One of the critical components in the improvements realized in the critical “Safety Bubble” of today’s automobiles is the auto’s windshield. If you have experienced damage to the windshield while driving on the busy streets and freeways located around Orange, California, then Orange Mobile Auto Glass is the best place for your money to seek out windshield repair services. Our company has been in business for more than a decade, and our experienced technicians have successfully repaired the windshields on just about every make and model of both foreign and domestic automobiles out there, and we should be your number one choice when it comes to getting a glass repair service in the Orange County area of Southern California. Many of our customers do not realize the extent that auto manufacturers have engineered their car’s auto glass into the vehicle’s safety margins. As a result, many consumers do not realize that not only should they want to have manufacturer approved parts, glass, and materials used on a windshield repair, but they should demand so if the damage requires a more intrusive windshield replacement job be accomplished.

Although the cost of the glass repairs or replacement work might be a tad higher when doing so, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that both the driver and the occupants of your automobile will be safer than if using cheap or replacement materials on the windshield repair job. We are also known for:

When you first call our friendly staff at Orange Mobile Auto Glass to inquire about getting a windshield repair service or replacing the windshield on your automobile, we will walk you through the existing damage to the car or truck to make sure a replacement is called for. If we think that our team might be able to repair the glass vice replace it, we will make that recommendation to you. If not, we will talk you through the replacement process starting with the careful removal of the bad glass. Then, we prepare the area on your automobile and apply the manufacturer approved sealant to the window frame. Once we set the glass in lace, there will be a cure time that varies based on the make and model of the automobile, and you will be all set to get back on the road. Our mobile technicians will then remove all glass debris, cardboard boxes, and trash created by our work. Our technicians are excellent at providing you with a safe windshield crack repair job that will last a lifetime. Finally, the team will vacuum your automobile to ensure that no glass shards or other remnants of our work are left behind as an annoyance. If you find yourself with any window tinting or other auto glass needs, please give our friendly staff at Orange Mobile Auto Glass a call today.

(714) 786-8165